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YourAssets former known as European Life and Pension Services entered into an exclusive agency agreement with The One Life Company nearly ten years ago, it was in April 2012 the approval and license as tied agent for The One Life Company was received by the insurance regulator in Luxembourg.


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YourAssets’ team members are highly skilled with specialist knowledge and experiences over more than three decades within cross-border life insurances and pensions savings combined with relevant wealth planning and management solutions of your assets.

YourAssets offer you contact to a very strong network in the Nordics and International; tax and legal specialists, wealth management advisors, custodian banks, multi family offices, and fund managers.

YourAssets’ solutions are based on tax and legal compliant life insurance and pension savings products and advice.

All the above is the proof of the advisory concept for delivering the best possible solutions for your assets. Our strong network and client book are our best references.


YourAssets competences

Here are just a few facts that should make you consider looking at other avenues. We can help you with just your solution. There is a very big difference in people’s wishes and requirements, but we have all the tools to make exactly the solution that is attractive to you and your family.


We work in a 100% safe investment environment. It is regulated by the Luxembourg Insurance Supervisory Authority. You can choose your custodian bank and manager who can be in, for example, Denmark, Luxembourg or a third country.


The investment framework, which is defined by the Luxembourg Insurance Regulatory Authority, provides optimal investor protection and at the same time flexibility, compared to other European rules.


The Luxembourg Insurance Regulatory Authority and the government are proactively cooperating on a rapid and effective implementation of EU directives. This is of great importance to people who choose to move across borders.


Life insurances and pension savings products are very strong wealth structures to include as part of the long term optimization of your assets. Main reason is the “Grandfather Provision” which is part of the tax, legal, and regulatory treatment of life insurances and pension savings across all jurisdictions. In short, meaning your assets invested in life insurances and pension savings they have until now been protected against retro-active changes in the tax laws and regulations.

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