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How do we start?

It all starts with a meeting

When you’ve shared with us your ideas and plans for the future. We need an overview of your wealth for how to compose your assets the best possible way.

Full transparency of your wealth and its setup

Our team has more than 30 years of experiences in wealth management. Therefore, for the part of your assets invested into life insurances and pension savings, we are able to document our ideas and recommendations to you are unique.

YourAssets is an insurance agency for The One Life Company (One Life) in Luxembourg, and we work with more than 40 custodian banks and 200 independent investment managers – all of them are ready to contribute to optimizing your assets based on your wishes and needs.

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Together we create the right plan for your assets

We are ready to help and advise you. Every day we work the many different rules and restrictions in the nordic countries – so feel free to challenge us with your financial setup.

In addition to the nordic countries, we also solve tasks in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Dubai / UAE and Asia.

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